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We’re a small business based out of Southern Utah. We make all natural skincare products inspired by the beauty of our home. Visit our Etsy Shop

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Our Story…

Yes, I was one of those people who had extremely sensitive skin, which later gave birth to a life-long love for natural skincare remedies. Like many others who suffered from sensitive skin, I paid an arm and a leg for a little jar of “magic cream” with the hope of relieving my chronic dry and acne-prone skin (without being harsh or irritating, or compromising my natural ingredient standards). Wanting to save my limbs and deflating wallet, I took a chance and made a batch of homemade lotion, using only the most natural oils, herbs, and other nourishing ingredients from my herbal studies. It was a disaster at first, but stubborn determination set in and I tried again, and it was perfect. It was the creamiest and most moisturizing lotion I have ever used, and it was made with only the finest and most luxurious ingredients meant to sooth and nourish my sensitive skin, rather than irritate or aggravate.

As our signature Body Cream was perfected, and as I increased in my understanding of herbalism and natural healing, I began to make Lip Balms, Body Butters, Healing Salves, and so much more. My inner herbalist was born and through this entire experience, I felt continually inspired by my beautiful home in Southern Utah and wanted every ounce of the empowerment and life I felt from the beautiful red desert to be in each and every product I created.

Fast forward to three years later of experimenting, learning and constantly improving. Due to the popularity of our skincare products, I set up shop here on Etsy to offer our healing creams, balms, butters, and salves to those who are just as passionate about natural healing as I am. Our business is a product of constant improving, learning, experimenting, and being grounded in the beauty of this world — stepping stones to truly empowered living!

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